Welsh Somaliland Team Crowned Champions League Winners

Cardiff Bay Warriors FC Team Photo

Cardiff Bay Warriors football team bring home the crown for Wales in the largest diaspora football competition in Europe ⚽️

Made up of a largely Somaliland background; this Welsh-born team beat Leicester Atletico in the finals of the Somali British Champions league on Sunday.

The young team only formed the year before COVID-19 restrictions hit Wales, but their talent, dedication and sportsmanship spoke for itself in an intense finals game that took them to win the match 3-2 after going into extra time and penalties.

In an interview with the BBC, the Warriors manager, Ahmed Noor said “We have a motto in our team where we keep believing, we never stop trying and we have that desire right until the very end.”

Celebrations and praise on social media carry on this week, especially amongst the Welsh fan-base to have the country put on the map in this European tournament.

An inspiring moment for a community that has been sidelined in sport. They are one to watch, as no doubt we’ll be seeing more of them in the future!

Photo: Cardiff Bay Warriors FC