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Looking for a partner that understands Muslim audiences? We offer clients in-depth insights into the Muslim community in Wales and the UK, from cultural norms to values and behaviours, all essential understanding for clients looking to target Muslim audiences with their products or services.

Whether its marketing, communications, training, or recruitment we are ready to leverage our decades of experiences to design and deliver solutions for you.

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We have an incredible range of Muslim talent here in Wales, with a plethora of different arts and specialisms, from calligraphy, spoken word to fitness, just tell us what you’re looking for and we can connect you with the right creative.


Unleash the power of meaningful and authentic engagement by leveraging our established relationships with Welsh Muslim influencers on a variety of social media platforms to help clients reach their target audiences.

Interested in leveraging the power that social media influencers can offer? Get in touch to give your campaign an authentic and relatable voice.

Event planning and Audience Diversity

Want to know how to make your event inclusive for Muslim audiences? Would you like to diversify your guest list to include Muslim voices based locally here in Wales? Or, would you like assistance on the creative direction of your event to cater to the digital age?

‘Innovative’ and ‘faith-conscious’ are regular testimonials our experienced team receive after hosting events in Wales. No matter how grand or intimate your event will be, get in touch for guidance on how to transform your spaces.

Content creation

Create and produce content that resonates with the Muslim community helping clients increase their brand awareness and reputations.

Guest Lecturing

As part of our mission to ‘ignite the creator in everyone’, we are passionate about guiding and nurturing the next generation of innovative and value-focused thinkers.