Cardiff City Stadium opens prayer spaces for Wales fans and match attendees

Image credit: AmarCymru, Jalal Goni

FA Wales facilitated a prayer space for Wales fans to use during their time at Cardiff City Stadium

In a tweet by the senior Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Integrity manager at FA Wales, Jason Webber said;

“Last night we launched the multi-faith prayer & meditation room at the CCS Cymru’s match…the room will be available at all future matches for anyone wishing to use.”

Muslim football fans welcomed the move by using the prayer space during the match on Sunday night as Wales played against Poland at #CardiffCityStadium.

When a football match coincides with the allocated prayer times, as a Muslim football fan – trying to find a clean and quiet corner to pray can be a dilemma. This small gesture creates an inclusive environment, that makes it easier for fans or Muslim players to step away from the noise to fulfil their duty to Allah.

Football clubs across the UK have made progress in introducing multi-faith prayer facilities over the last few years, including, Anfield Stadium for Liverpool FC, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester City FC and more.

AmarCymru (Welsh South Asian Football Supporters Group) announced their experience in the prayer room in a tweet as follows: “@FAWales opened a Multi-Faith Room at the CCS last night, providing access to a clean, safe, peaceful prayer space for Wales fans. Football allowing people of all faiths to come together as one. #equality#diversity#inclusion#cymru#togetherstronger

A great move by FA Wales – we hope to see more football clubs following suit

Image credit: AmarCymru, Jalal Goni